League Rules




When does it run?

The league launch date will be announced once all places are filled up. The matches will by default be scheduled on Saturday at either 11am or 1.30pm however there is the ability to rearrange to another time during the week (prior to the following Saturday) with the team you will be facing. We will also organise socials whilst the league is running.


How will the league work?

Each week your team will face a team in the league to climb 10 pre-designated routes. 4 people in each team are to attempt to climb each of the 10 routes (so each team will complete a total of 40 climbs). Scoring will be based on the grade of the route and the number of attempts taken to climb. Also, teams will score an extra 3 points for the win, 1 point for a draw and 1 point will be deducted for a loss.


Who is the league for and what will the difficulty of the routes be?

Absolutely anyone over the age of 16. The routes for this league will range from V1 to V4 and is aimed at beginner / intermediate climbers however anyone is welcome to join. In future, the leagues are planned to be split between beginner, intermediate and advanced.


How to form a team and team sizes?

Teams require a minimum of 4 people and you can have up to 6 people in the team. Each week participation from at least 4 out of the possible 6 members of the team will be required.

You can either enter your own team (public or private) or enter as an individual and you can be assigned a team. Individuals who enrol will either be assigned to an existing public team by us or we will group individuals to form an entirely new team. Any teams designated as private will not be assigned any individuals by us.


You can enrol here.


Where will it take place?

The league will run between Mile End Climbing Wall and the Arch - Building One.


How much will it cost?

To enter as an individual, it will cost £7.50 (introductory fee, full fee £19.99) to join the league and be assigned a team. If you're entering as a team then it will cost £30 (Introductory fee, full fee £79.99).

NB: Entrance to the climbing centres is not included in the fee.


What will the winners get?

The 1st place team will win £150, goodie bag and free entry to the next round.
2nd and 3rd place will win free entry to the next round.