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The Rock & Wall is a community-driven project aiming to build the ultimate climbing resource. Everyone can get bogged down with the details of planning an awesome trip; finding the best climber-friendly accommodation, the best climbing locations for the season or the cheapest place to get healthy food. This is where the Rock & Wall comes in - a comprehensive climbers' hub where you can find rock climbing and bouldering locations, indoor climbing gyms, and accommodation anywhere in the world. It will also list helpful local businesses, events and professionals that can make your climbing experiences that little bit better. This is where you will find all your needs met in one place.

Climbing is a lifetime sport that provides a sense of meaning to many people’s lives. Because we support experience the great outdoors and hold other people’s lives in our hands, climbers are inherently passionate about helping others and the environment. Often local climbing communities and centres are run by enthusiastic individuals who have no corporate or governmental funding, who could really benefit from extra exposure to a global climbing community. Furthermore, a lot of support is needed to sustain the quality and safety of the crags so that they can last for generations to come. Our fundraising projects and blog aim to provide this exposure and help get more people involved in the communities and clubs that make our sport so great.

This will not happen without your help! Join our community and start sharing your climbing passion, experiences and happiness.


  The Team  


SlovakiaIvan Lenko – Founder

Ivan Lenko Ivan founded "the Rock and Wall" in late 2013. He grew up in the Slovak countryside. Having been surrounded by snowcapped mountains and luscious green forests, he has always had an affinity with nature. He currently resides in Bournemouth (England) with his wife and baby son.

Great BritainNathen Fitchen – Editor & Writer

Nathen Fitchen

Nathen joined the Rock & Wall in September 2014, combining his passions for climbing and writing to post weekly on the websites blog and edit other content. He studied Earth Sciences at University College London and aspires to be a field ecologist. When Nathen isn’t climbing or writing, he also enjoys travelling around and trying to excel himself in anyway.

He also blogs on his personal website www.nathenfitchen.com.



    Our Contributors    


CanadaThomasina Pidgeon – Guest Writer

Thomasina Pidgeon

Thomasina is one of the world most accomplished female boulderers. Having over 40 problems v11 to v12 under her belt, she is one of few internationally to have bouldered multiple v12's. In 2012 she changed her focus from rock to competition climbing and has since competed internationally up to the World Cup level for Canada. She currently lives a nomadic lifestyle bouncing around Europe with her daughter Cedar in their Toyota van.

You can follow her on http://www.thomasinapidgeon.blogspot.ca


CanadaMatt Hardcastle - Review Writer

Matt Hardcastle

Matt is a professional mountaineer maintaining, marking and mapping trails and a certified survival specialist. When he is not working he spends most of his time outdoors rock climbing, skiing or snow shoeing. He also likes to get involved with environmental groups doing forest and coastal clean ups. He uses his gear and equipment everyday demanding a lot from them, so he started voluntarily writing live reviews on gear and demonstrations at adventure shops to help fellow climbers and to advocate safety.



United States of AmericaJohn Blomquist - Podcast Producer

John Blomquist

John lives in Reno, Nevada and is the host and producer of 'Chalk Talk, A Climbing Industry Podcast'. He has been a routesetter, a gym manager, a climbing coach, and now he finds reasons to talk about it all with professionals of the climbing industry who care about their craft. He brings weekly sound bytes of audio info to your hungry ear holes. He will be sharing these podcasts with "the Rock & Wall" community.

See more at www.CTclimbingpodcast.com.


FinlandKatariina Rahikainen - blogger

Katariina Rahikainen

Katariina "Kat" is a Finnish sport-climber, who sometimes ventures to boulders (or even trad climbs). She has lived in several countries and has travelled to many to touch their rocks. Kat once had a magical day of flashing an 8a and she has sent multiple 8a+ and boulders up to V8. She wants to keep getting better and collect more climbs under her belt. Kat is sponsored by KAILAS and a Finnish outdoor shop Camu. Her current country of residence is Australia and she weekend-warriors the skin-shredding sandstone of Blue Mountains.


United States of America Willis Weatherford - blogger

 Willis Weatherford

Willis first chalked up in the Red River Gorge of Kentucky, and has since spent time on big rocks and snowy mountains in Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, California, and Ecuador. He climbs trad and sport, and also loves the alpine and bouldering. He specializes in making easy climbs look very, very challenging. Willis currently focuses on climbing, trail running, and attending seminary in St. Louis. He is always eager to help new climbers get into the sport.


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